About Me

I hand make the clothes from my own designs. These are tested on my 4 children first and made for comfort, style, and practicality. 

Where possible, the materials i use are repurposed.  Every item i make is considered in terms of its life, and where it will end up.

I believe style, can work in harmony with creativity, and a more sustainable approach to kids fashion.

I will use new fabrics for a piece but this may be complimented with vintage fabrics or silk scraps from a previous garment design.

By making to order i eliminate the problem of waste stock. It takes a little more patience for you as the customer but i am always happy to do speedy orders on request. 

Fundamentally, i believe that part of being a conscious consumer is buying something you really love. Dont settle for second best, just get what you really want made and use your imagination.

I will happily tweak my garment designs so you can have exactly what you want. My designs are born out of this ideology - unique, ever-changing and adaptable. 

You can see the most comprehensive range of my work over on my instagram @scalibrr

Im super approachable, so come join me!